Resignation of Mauro Ferrari as President of the ERC

Many members of the EACS have been enabled to do groundbreaking research thanks to the excellent funding opportunities provided by the European Research Council (ERC). As such the ERC stands out in Europe as the undisputed most regarded granting agent that vigorously support scientific excellence therewith serving society at large. With dismay, the EACS Board has taken notice of the negative public statements made by the ERC President Mauro Ferrari upon his resignation as requested by an unanimous vote of the ERC scientific council, in which he disregarded the very “raison d’être” of the ERC using a pretended lack of COVID-19-relevant research as an excuse. The EACS regrets the negative publicity caused by Ferrari’s public statements and expresses its support for the unanimous decision made by the scientific council of the ERC. In our view, no other granting organisation has served and is serving scientific endeavours in Europe more effectively than the ERC. The ERC should be cherished and further expanded to the benefit of science and society.

On behalf of the Governing Board of the EACS,

Anton Berns,

President EACS

Board members:

Michael Baumann

Carlos Caldas

Fatima Carnerio

Julio E. Celis

Alexander Eggermont

Francesco de Lorenzo

Ulrik Ringborg

EACS Fellows:

Neil Aaronson

Geneviève Almouzni

René Bernards

Piet Borst

Michael Boutros

James Brenton

Kevin Brindle

Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale

Fatima Cardoso

Gerhard Christofori

Andreas von Deimling

Elisabetta Dejana

Anne Dejean

Angelika Eggert

Pier Paolo Di Fiore 

Thanos Halazonetis

Karin Haustermans

Monika Hegi

Thomas Helleday

Jacek Jassem

Bengt Jönsson

Stein Kaasa

Olli Kallioniemi

David Kerr

Jan Korbel

Bob Löwenberg

Joan Massagué

René Medema

Gerry Melino

Françoise Meunier

Edith Oláh

Ruth Palmer

Peter Parker

Anne Ridley

Eric Solary

Charles Swanton

Stephen West

Bengt Westermark

Moshe Yaniv

12 Apr 2020

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